Justin Wood

Founder, Strategist

Hi, I'm Justin. With over 8 years in digital design and marketing I have learned that two things drive real results in digital: a great product and a great process. I'm on a mission to help businesses build products people love and strategies that help them succeed.

Pedro Martheyn

Head of Growth, Partner

Hi, I’m Pedro. I’m a, performance and product expert with over 9 years of experience in search, social, video, display, and product marketing. I work closely with clients to define and achieve their digital marketing goals through a mix of inbound marketing, outbound marketing and conversion optimization.

Aaron Berge

Digital Designer

Design is my favourite sport. From a traditional graphic design background and education at OCAD U, I have over five years experience working as a designer, art director and photographer focusing on digital and product design. When I'm not nerding out, I enjoy shooting hoops, discovering new music, crushing anyone who challenges me at Tetris and spending his lunch money in Subway.

Sam Scrimger

Digital Copywriter

I’ve got a passion for all kinds of writing, and I’ve been doing marketing and content creation for over three years. I work with clients to see opportunities in search and build content calendars that really speak to their audience. I love camping, reading, rock climbing, and bourbon.

Tino Mendes

Brand Designer

I'm a Brazilian/Swiss design freelancer in Montpelier, France. Over the past few years, I've built the visual and identity for brands and startups from the ground up. I have a passion for creating interesting and inspiring experiences. I love it, really!

Melody Dusastre

Marketing Strategist

Marketing is a sum of many tactics, and I want to see what performs best. I work with our team to find the right mix of design, writing and customer experience all while keeping projects on track. When I'm not planning new campaigns, I'm planning my next adventure. I recently traveled across South-East Asia and it's safe to say that travel is my ongoing obsession.

Barbara Lukasz

Product Designer

I’m Barbara, a product and digital designer. I focus on working with startups, nonprofits, and social enterprises that aim to create positive change. Also a photographer, I spend a lot of time camping outdoors taking pictures and finding inspiration.

Our Culture

We know who we are.


We work outside the standard 9-5 and are comfortable with the freelance lifestyle.


We run our team like a professional sports team, putting collective goals over individual ambitions.


We reward our top performing team members who exceed client expectations.

Good Vibes

Life is way too short to take work too seriously. We have a great sense of humor and a lust for life.

Our Mission is in Our Name

Focus on Your Craft

Digital changes quickly. We are constantly growing and improving in our knowledge of digital design and technology.

Respect the Work

Client goals above everything. We fight for what will help our clients achieve their business goals.



KRFTWRK FC aims to Build a Banner for Change in Our Work and Communities.

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Digital Copywriter

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