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Meet the FC Finalists: La Femme Strong

Ready to kick off another FC profile? We’ve narrowed our submissions down to the top three, and today, we’re excited to announce our second finalist, La Femme Strong. 

They’ve been devoted to empowering women with heart-pumping kettlebell, HIIT, and other specialized classes since 2015. Below, La Femme Strong tells us about their cause, their struggles, and their dreams for 2021. 

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Now, let’s learn more about La Femme Strong. 

La Femme Strong

At its core, this woman-owned and operated multi-disciplinary fitness studio is a hard-working group of fitness instructors that encourage their clients to feel better about themselves.


“We believe everyone is a mix of strength, passion, and power.”

La Femme Strong is a multi-disciplinary strength training community for women. Our goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere that celebrates individual strength and alters the dominant fitness narrative in order to take up space and embrace our bodies’ unique abilities. We’re just here to help!

On La Femme Strong’s driving force and how they impact the community​:

“Instead of hiding or worrying about how our bodies look, we should celebrate what they can do!”

It is so important for women to have the opportunity to enjoy health and fitness without the constant negative noise of “beach bodies” and “booty blasting,” and any and all of the ridiculous oppressive notions they are expected to covet. 

Every body is different, but everybody can enjoy exercise. This type of positivity around body image is necessary. Our studio is constantly filled with cheering when someone is able to lift more weight, or sink deeper into a stretch — we gain, we take up space, we shine.

On their five-year goals and the barriers they face:

“To expand our online clientele and create more programming.”

La Femme Strong needs to accommodate more personal online coaching groups. Financially, we need to be in a better place. I currently need to teach the majority of classes myself, which leaves little time for necessary social media, marketing, and creating these programs.

On COVID-19’s impact on their organisation:

“Revenue is about 25% what it was prior to the pandemic.”

Though we have maintained a core group of members, we had to drop out prices for online content. We lost many clients we either can’t or prefer not to attend online classes. And of course, the reality is that gyms have been locked down for the majority of the pandemic.

What La Femme Strong wants people to know about their cause:

“We are not just a gym. We are a dream come true and a revolution.”

Our members tell us often that their self-confidence soars when they join our classes because their views on health and fitness change dramatically. 

There is so much pressure placed on a woman’s appearance. To have even one woman let go and accept themselves. To have them ditch the scale and challenge them to lift heavier, dance more freely, try new things, and confidently take those qualities out into the world? Just priceless. To have a whole community of women do the same? That’s our vision.

La Femme Strong's founder tells us what really makes them proud:

“We are proud of the accomplishments of our community pretty much every day.”

I am very lucky in my line of work. I frequently get to see somebody try to lift something they never thought they could, and do a happy dance and walk out with their head held a little higher. That’s magical every single time. 


But I also get to see the rest of the class cheering their name for encouragement and then crowding around in excitement when it happens. I get to see someone fail an attempt at something but continue attempting it. Because they’ve realized that LFS is a safe space to try things and not be embarrassed. 


Last year I got to see the entire community join a Facebook group when we were forced to move the business online, and immediately start posting pictures and encouragement for one another. 


So I suppose I AM proud of many specific moments. But the most important thing I am proud of is that the large collection of moments means that LFS has truly succeeded in being a safe space for women to really challenge themselves and allow themselves to own their space in our community.

On why people should get more involved with La Femme Strong:

“Trying something new is the only way to find things you never knew you loved!”

With our multidisciplinary studio, there are so many ways to surprise yourself. And what better way to do it than with a room (be it Zoom or in-studio) full of encouraging and funny femmes?

How KRFTWRK FC can help La Femme Strong become stronger:

“I would love to work with KRFTWRK FC to improve our online presence.”

Our team’s abilities have been well-honed in-studio and through our education, but in order for our clientele to access our classes, an easily navigated website and marketing plan are essential — especially during and after this pandemic!

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La Femme Strong’s work to improve the health and well-being of women is vital to our community. Creating an open and positive space to celebrate who you are and discover your inner potential is more important now than ever.

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