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Meet the FC Finalists: Tourette Canada

We started with over 10 charities and businesses. After a few tough calls, we’re coming up to the final stretch with one more finalist. Are you ready? 

KRFTWRK FC is excited to announce our third finalist: Tourette Canada. For over 35 years they’ve been the backbone of Tourette Syndrome advocacy, education, and support. So turn up the volume and get ready for the last big plays of the game as we talk to them about what they hope to achieve with FC in 2021.

Tourette Canada

We are a registered charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated conditions. We are dedicated to creating awareness and understanding of TS through education, advocacy, and the support of research in an empowered Tourette community in an inclusive Canada.


“It is our hope and prayer that one day Tourette Canada will receive the support we so desperately need.”

How COVID-19 has impacted Tourette Canada’s mission:

“The transition online has not been without its pain points, and there’s been a decline in revenue.”

COVID has hurt Tourette Canada by directly affecting our ability to operate in our traditional manner. As a community-based organization, much of our past activity, whether support groups, in-servicing, conferences, or our annual Trek for Tourette were local events with a significant community component.

With COVID restrictions in place, these activities have necessarily evolved into a virtual format so that we can continue operations and supporting our community in a safe and responsible manner. 

Plus, our fundraising has slowed down, as many people that we have traditionally relied on for support have other priorities and stressors as they manage through the pandemic.

Tourette Canada tells us a heartwarming story from their community:

“As a mother, I have tears in my eyes sharing her words.”

Tourette Canada’s 2019 Winnipeg Conference was a massive success and inspired affiliates to take action in their communities. One of those was Kari Hodgson. This is her story.

The opportunity to attend the conference was absolutely life-changing for both my daughter and me. In her words, “Conference was a really great experience that anyone with Tourette should have the opportunity to attend. I made a lot of friends, which I wasn’t expecting to do, but it was so easy to make friends! I was actually so anxious about going I tried to make my mom cancel, but she knew better! I have been excited about our next conference since we left the last one! I miss my friends so much and have none like them where I live.”

It was truly wonderful to see my daughter feeling completely safe and free to be herself and to just let her tics fly! 

Through the myriad of motor and vocal tics coming out of her at record speed, she was smiling and joyful in a way I’d never seen before! It was so incredibly good for both of our hearts and souls. 

The feeling of acceptance and understanding cannot be fully conveyed, it must be experienced.

Though we have maintained a core group of members, we had to drop out prices for online content. We lost many clients we either can’t or prefer not to attend online classes. And of course, the reality is that gyms have been locked down for the majority of the pandemic.

On Tourette Canada’s goals for their the community:

“We strive to be the world leader in the provision of high-quality education, support, and services”

Improve ease of access to information and support for people affected by Tourette Syndrome through a modern, user-friendly website and fundraising platform and donor management system.

Engage and inspire Canadians to give by effectively telling the impactful and inspiring stories of those living with Tourette Syndrome.

Enhance strategic focus and synergies nationwide and ensure all Tourette Canada affiliates are well supported in their efforts to engage Canadians and deliver excellent service to those affected by Tourette Syndrome in Canada.

What Tourette Canada wants people to know about their cause

“With awareness, understanding, and support, people living with Tourette Syndrome can and have accomplished great things!”

There’s a lot of misconceptions about our organisation. Some of the top things you should know about us are: 

  • Tourette Canada receives zero government funding and relies solely on the donations of our community to continue offering the services and support we provide. 
  • Tourette Syndrome is a complex disorder. Approximately 1 in 100 people receive a diagnosis, however, when a loved one is diagnosed, many more are affected. 
  • Symptoms can include involuntary motor and/or verbal tics which are often accompanied by other challenges including ADD, OCD, and depression. 
  • People affected by Tourette Syndrome require the support of all Canadians to achieve their full potential.

What Tourette Canada wants everyone to know:

“With the help of more Canadians, Tourette Canada can ensure people affected by Tourette Syndrome receive the information, support, and services they require to achieve their full potential.”

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Knowing that 1 out of every 100 Canadians is affected by Tourette opened our eyes to the hard work and dedication Tourette Canada puts in every day. Through their youth camps, online programs, and conferences, they strive to bring awareness to the community — to us. But they need your help. 

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