3% Project is an environmental initiative that tours Canadian schools to mobilize a generation on climate solutions. They are embarking on 5 separate nationwide tours, visiting 600 different schools, and providing powerful skills to over 1 million students.

3% Project wanted their brand to be disruptive and appealing to youth, so we modernized their logo and emphasized the dividing line to represent the divide in the climate change consensus. Their branding is now easily recognizable and helps them stand out from other of environmental organizations.


Branding, Website


3% Project

What We Did

Logo and branding
Website redesign


The original home page got the point across, but it lacked information and visual interactiveness.


We made sure that the new design remained insightful while still appealing to 3% Project’s younger audience.

The new branding uses red to represent their Canadian roots, handwritten fonts to highlight their DIY mentality, and rips to signify the act of tearing a page and starting over.