BLiNQ Networks


  • Inbound Marketing
  • Chatbot
  • CRM Integration
  • +60% increase in organic traffic
  • +800 qualified B2B email captures (and counting)
  • 35% bounce rate
  • Lead gen + nurture fully integrated with CRM

Lead Generation Through 100% Organic Growth

BLiNQ Networks is a Telecom company that provides 5G Wireless Solutions for service providers. They specialize in bringing wireless access to hard to reach, remote areas with the FW300i, their affordable and fully integrated piece of hardware.

In October 2018, we launched their new website and branding and kicked off our digital marketing strategy.

organic growth through inbound marketing - emails, blogs and personas
Committed to Inbound Marketing

Growth Without Ad Spend

Any good marketing strategy starts with understanding your customer. We started our marketing engagement with a persona workshop to find our target audiences. With this information, we published monthly blogs, created new landing pages, posted on social platforms 3 times a week, optimized SEO, and ran frequent email campaigns.

The result? 6 months later we have a 60% increase in website traffic, 100% organic growth, over 800 leads in the pipeline, and a growing social media presence.

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A Fully Integrated Funnel


If you want to bring in quality leads, you need to offer them something in return. On top of the standard contact form, we implemented a semi-automated chat bot to the site, created a lead qualifying survey, and added 4 high-quality downloadable resources. Every time an email is collected from one of these sources, all their details are automatically added to BLiNQ’s CRM.

Leads also get enrolled in automated email welcome series and, later on, a nurture sequence. BLiNQ hands these warm leads over to their sales people and lets them do their magic.

Organic Search Growth

Going straight to the source


Getting users to your site is one thing, getting them to interact with it is another. We created detailed product pages for each of the 4 different units, so that people would find the information they wanted without having to hunt for it. These pages have been responsible for 15% of sessions since site launch. 

With a steady bounce rate of 35% and an average time on site of over 3 minutes, users are both trusting and engaging with BLiNQ’s website.

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