ContactMonkey Inc.


  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • 11% conversion rate
  • +80% increase in organic traffic
  • Single sign-up and tracking solution

Driving digital marketing results through SEO and On-Page Conversion Optimization

Entrepreneur Scott Pielsticker designed an email tracking and Salesforce integration tool and called it ContactMonkey. It quickly evolved into a complete email companion, helping individuals and businesses track, send, delay, and merge messages with simplicity and ease. Today, over 100,000 users and 1,200 sales teams including Amazon Web Services, Expedia, and Telus use ContactMonkey to manage inboxes and super-charge sales.

Krftwrk supported ContactMonkey with their marketing efforts including email marketing, SEO, inbound marketing and conversion optimization.

Increased Conversions

One Sign-in Process

ContactMonkey was available as a one-click downloadable app. Without registration data, we lacked essential stats on dissatisfied or disinterested users.

To gain data, new signups registered before installing. Now we could identify who was leaving and how to get them back. By regulating the process upfront, we gained key data.

Show, not tell.

ContactMonkey’s website is bright and spunky, orange and white, and refreshingly conversational. Thinking “show, don’t tell,” we included mini-tutorials on each page so users could see ContactMonkey in action. Each page acts as an enhanced product tour.

The fully optimized and search ready site doubled web traffic and boosted searches by 40%.

Organic Search Improvements

Monkeying Around With Pricing Structures

We altered the pricing structure, replacing free accounts with trial offers and making all long-term memberships paid. Members upgraded accounts without complaint, boosting the bottom line and fostering brand loyalty.