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April 2, 2018

BLiNQ Networks

Telecom leader bringing wireless access to hard-to-reach, remote areas.


Lead generation and SERP ranking improvement.

  • Strategy

    Inbound Marketing, Chatbot, CRM Integration, Downloadable Content Creation

  • Design

    Branding, Web Design, User Experience

  • Client

    BLiNQ Networks



Organic Growth


Leads Brought In


Bounce Rate

Growth without Ad Spend


With consistent publishing, website traffic increased by 97%, organic impressions went up 120%, and social media presence grew exponentially. They’re even ranking above Forbes, CNET, and CBC on some core keywords.

Getting Leads to hang out with Us

Good leads want good content. With a semi-automated chat bot, a lead qualifying survey, and 6 high-quality downloadable resources, we’ve seen over 1,400 leads enter the pipeline (without a single $ in ad spend).

Good Content Builds Trust


With a steady bounce rate of 35%, an average time on site of over 3 minutes, and an 11% conversion rate, users are both trusting and engaging with BLiNQ’s website. A well-built organic marketing strategy ensures all our leads are pre-qualified.

Commit to Inbound Marketing

Ran a persona workshop that helped us find the perfect target audiences and build the content strategy accordingly.

Integrate the Funnel

Added lead automatically to BLiNQ’s CRM and enrolled them in an email nurture sequence every time a lead is collected on the site.

Go straight to the Source

Designed detailed product pages for users to get what they came for right away. These pages are responsible for 20% of site sessions every month.

Let’s collaborate

Send us an email, to discuss a new project.

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