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May 1, 2019

Planned Parenthood Direct

Healthcare app which lets users order birth control and UTI treatments from their phone.


Executing an outbound marketing strategy and a push notification strategy.

  • Strategy

    Outbound Marketing, Re-engagement, Paid Advertising, Push Notifications

  • Design

    Creative Direction, Asset Design

  • Client

    Planned Parenthood Direct



Return on Investment


Growth in Monthly Installs from Paid Ads


Growth in Monthly Revenue

Creative Consistency For Higher Conversions

Providing creative direction and a brandbook for all assets and ads, we created carousels, single units, videos and animations. This led to a 20% drop in cost per install and an average ROI of 190%.

A Holistic Digital Strategy


Paid campaigns spanned multiple channels including Google Universal, Apple App Store, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify, for both iOS and Android.

Segmenting campaigns by state, age, and interest helped optimize results month over month, resulting in a 43% Increase in Monthly Revenue from Paid.

Giving Users an Extra Nudge


While the install volume was very high, conversion volume wasn't as great. So we took a look into the funnel and found places where users were dropping off. Based on that, we created a push notification strategy to help get those users across the line.

Reimagine Successful Assets

Upgraded the best performing ad creative and refreshed it to reflect the app's UI while also playing with some brand elements to liven it up.

Break It Down

Segmented campaigns and set aside a portion of the monthly budget to test new platforms so that we never miss a potential opportunity.

Remind and Re-engage

Developed a push notification strategy where users dropped off to push them further down the funnel and increase conversions.

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