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Cloud-based digital signage software. Show anything, anywhere.


Full website redesign and executing inbound and outbound performance marketing.

  • Strategy

    Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic, Video

  • Design

    Art Direction, Bold Typography, Custom landing pages



Increase in Traffic


Increase in Conversion


Increase in Product Demos

A True Digital Experience


By combining industry-driven landing pages with effective persona-driven content and custom playbooks we created a comprehensive, tailored website experience.

The result? We recorded a total 273% traffic increase with an 81% decrease in bounce rate.

Attract, Engage, Convert


Channel experimentation and rapid ad validation sat at the core of our outbound marketing strategy.

Experiments set up throughout the entire user journey meant adapting our content and campaign messaging in real time across all performance channels: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Capterra, YouTube, and StackAdapt.

Simplified Sales with True Automation

Chatbots and automated email sequences were essential for lead qualification, with valuable information from all digital touch points collected in a central CRM.

An automated funnel with that pre-qualified users supported sales and marketing with a 194% increase in total conversions.

Think Holistically

Created a unified solution that connected the dots between the brand, the user experience, sales, and marketing while encouraging digital innovation.

Build the Brand

A website designed with marketing in mind does half the job. We focused on creating an experience made to perform.

Close the Gap

Delpoyed an automation framework to bridge the gap between sales and marketing; Chatbot qualification, automated email sequences and seamless integration with CMR.

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KRFTWRK is a digital design and marketing agency dedicated to building and selling exceptional digital products. Our specialties are prototypes and digital marketing strategy.