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March 19, 2019

Wovn Travel

Wovn, originally called SpiritGo, is a travel start-up company founded by Mohamed Zaki. Zaki went on wellness retreats and saw a need in the travel industry for those who wanted to travel and focus on wellbeing.

We developed their website, designed a prototype of the search engine and implemented an inbound marketing strategy, part of which included rebranding SpirirtGo by changing the name of the company to Wovn.


Rebranded and renamed SpiritGo to Wovn, as well as implemented their inbound marketing strategy and developed a design prototype for their search engine.

  • Strategy

    Rebranding, Design Prototype

  • Design

    Design Prototype

  • Client


The Takeaway

We implemented a strong marketing foundation for Wovn. We also facilitated the company through the whole process of creating an inbound marketing strategy from a new logo and brand look-and-feel to a fully-realized digital marketing plan. A project like this helped lay the foundation for how our processes work with all our clients.

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